Modules: News module version 1.44

Posted by: herveton 2005/12/13 20:30:34 13433 reads

A corrected version (1.44) of the News module is out. It only contains bugs corrections.

You can download the module to its current homepage

Upgrade You can upgrade from any previous version, from the 1.1 to the 1.42 If you have doubts, simply follow this rule : - copy all the files to the module's directory (and be sure to erase existing files please) - launch - Go in the Xoops modules manager and update the module You can also read the file called UPGRADE.txt wich is provided with the module. Finally, you can consult the FAQ Notes / Bugs / Problems - There were no changes in the translations Changelog Quote:
Some corrections available in this version was made by Marcan and 5vision, thank you both ! > backendt.php, the "channel_category" tag now contains the topic's title (5vision) > When an article was submited, the author was not alarmed of the article's approbation (marcan) > In the module's admin (index.php), there was a little typo in the html code used to create collapsable bars (5vision) > Newsletter and xml export, the final timestamp created to export datas was wrong (5vision) > XML export, some "titles" were change (from to ) (5vision) > Some missing "index.html" was added. (5vision) > The template name "news_archive.html" was corrected (a border propertie was missing to the pictures tgas and a "" tag) (5vision)
Happy Xoopsing, Hervé