Modules: QA Tool for Modules 2.0 Final Released !

Posted by: Marcoon 2005/10/30 11:30:00 12236 reads Final version of our QA tool for modules has been released !

QA team is proud to release version 2.0 Final of its QA_Checking Tool for Modules.

What it is for ?
The goal of this tool is to provide :
- module's developers a tool that will help them with checking if their modules are using all xoops's core powerfull features, which documentation, security features, SEO features, etc. their module should have.
- module's testers some ideas about how to validate a module before posting it to community. Could be usefull too for xoops's local support teams or everyone who wants to help devs improving their modules.

That's why you will find in this tool 2 dedicated columns, earch one dedicated to some of these 2 needs/category of testers.

To do list for next version ?
- Find a full xhtml compliant theme
- Perhaps add some tests for utf8 compatibility ? If Chineese or russian teams could give us some feedbacks on that, would be appreciated !
- Define for SQL query/time standard level
- define which item is mandatory ("must have") or recommended ("should have")
- improve Certification Levels
- Add all items of this tool in a dedicated xoops testing module (example : formulaire)
- add more security concerns
- add 2.2.3 concerns (if any)

How to Download this tool ?
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Note to translators
Feel free to translate this tool, as it should be usefull for your community.

Finaly,This QA Checklist Tool is made for you ! Let's bring together xoops @ its best for a professionnal usage.
So feel free to provide feedbacks/enhancements! We always need your advices, and some inputs as listed before !

Special thanks to thank JasonMR, Mithrandir, Hervet, jensclas, jorgebarrero, rowdie, kaotik, thecat, Philou, Alain01, phppp, Brash for their help, advices and support.

Cheers !