YAXS: Gifts.Meant4u.com ... a new 2.2.2 xoops site is online

Posted by: tzvookon 2005/9/8 12:38:32 7961 reads
Gifts.Meant4u.com is a complete, one stop gifts directory: hundreds of categories to find your way when going to choose the gift of your choice or to promote your gifts related website.

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The site is heavily based on (a slightly modified version) the great Weblinks module by Kenichi OHWADA ( http://linux.ohwada.jp/ ).
Since the site is meant to be an online directory most of the used modules are "internal"
( xmmemberstats , Formulaire , profile etc' ... )

CBB will be open soon as a "gift forum" with the oportunity to promote and talk about Gifts related websites & topics.

Xoops users that own a gift / shopping related website are welcome to add their site (for free) to the directory.

I must say that xoops 2.2.2 is a great progress after so many years and versions of xoops I used.
This community and especially the DEV team is something to be proud of for every xoops user.

Comments about the site are welcome...