Modules: PD-Downloads 1.2 RC

Posted by: krobion 2005/8/30 6:36:24 8081 reads
The Power-Dreams Dev Team is very proud to announce that PD-Downloads 1.2 has reached the RC Status.

Here is a small Changelog for all the Beta-Tester:
  1. The Upgrade and Import Tool is now in the package
  2. readded the "old" uploader and did a fix on it
  3. fixed a cosmetic bug in the templates
  4. fixed some english language variables
  5. added the rss logo to some templates
  6. added permissions query to some php files
  7. fixed a bug in the xoops_version file regarind uploading-folder
  8. added select and uploading screenshots when submitting a download
  9. the sitemap plugin has now permission query
  10. and many more ... (i dont remember )
At the moment you should NOT use this modul on a productive website! You can download the module for testing -> HERE