YAXS: Westchester Webmaker.com: A XOOPS, phpcoin semi/hybrid

Posted by: gestroudon 2005/8/25 7:09:09 13771 reads
I've recently opened Westchester Webmaker.com, a combination of XOOPS and phpcoin, an free program designed for setting up hosting accounts. The site's objective is to provide visitors clients, members and visitors with quality web hosting and a range of articles, tips & tricks covering web hosting & web design- related topics & issues.

The main site is based on the JamilaCS_Tech Theme, with some modifications here and there.

The hosting site, based on a 7Dana theme, is powered by phpcoin, which I won't extoll here, but it's a powerful little program.

An obvious question most people might ask is, "Why use XOOPS if you already have a functional program for web hosting?"

Here's my answer:

1. Even though it doesn't have a fully-functional web hosting module (to my knowledge), XOOPS is vastly superior to any CMS package out there. I enjoy it's features and ease of use. The community is the best one on the 'net. I love the available themes, and the support system is #1.

2. I'm fully confident that some industrious XOOPS module developer will come up with a Web Hosting module in the near future.