YAXS: My software product site...

Posted by: vampire8on 2005/7/20 12:48:43 4148 reads
... done with Xoops in record time! Now I'm wondering if there are any problems in this or not: things can't be done so simply, and so fast!

I'm not a designer (I'm a programmer!), so I chose to use the x2t theme. However, I made some changes to some modules. The URL is:


Basically, can people please check out the site for problems in posting comments etc. and give me a general idea about the feel of the site. Maybe sign-in as memebers and put in a few posts as well? Downloading won't hurt either, it's a fairly useful software I've made

I'm worried about the caching: since caching is done on a module-level, I've seen that some times pages come in which should not: for example, sometimes when a non-registered user is browsing, he will end up with a page meant for the admin, because that's what ended up going into the cache!

Let me know what you feel. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!