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Posted by: studioCon 2005/7/17 8:54:36 3579 reads
I'm happy to announce the rebirth of the english version of my XOOPS-factory. Some month ago i thought it was better to have ONE page on http://xoopsfactory.de

But for i love to play with different layouts and my stats showing me more than 80% of visitors from countries other than germany i decided to reopen the .com domain for english visitors.

The aim of our webpages is to serve content to our visitors and to get feedback from our visitors. How many hits can you count on your page each day?. Sitting there and awaiting someone to come is one possibility. Let the others know that your page is there is the other. Submit your link to our linkpages or even better, submit your site news into our newscategory "XOOPS-Sites". Some of my xoops-friends are crawling on my pages when they are bored ...


I'm actually working on that domain, the layout is not the final but i love to have some visitors and feedback too, though ... but your content is welcome and submitting will work actually

come in, visit http://xoopsfactory.com and leave comments, links and articles for other visitors.