Modules: CBB 2.2 beta

Posted by: davidl2on 2005/7/14 23:20:00 10308 reads
XOOPS Community bulletin Board 2.2 beta
Temporary release for XOOPS 2.2 pre-release debug
You should switch to CBB 2.2 final once XOOPS 2.2 is released.

Changelog will not be available before CBB 2.2 RC. However, some major changes:
1 new editor management available in XOOPS 2.2
2 convenient permission management: default permission template, batch permission reset
3 upgrade from any previous version (newbb1/2, CBB 1.*) by painless module "updating"

If you have any problem with XOOPS 2.2 + CBB 2.2, plz report to to help XOOPS 2.2 development and CBB development

XOOPS 2.2 RC release:

XOOPS 2.2 bug report:

XOOPS 2.2 CVS: ... tag=xoops2_1_0-branch-new

XOOPS 2.2 topic: ... wmode=flat&topic_id=37914

Team CBB:

D.J.'s XOOPS 2.2 test site:

Download from: ... nglefile.php?cid=1&lid=21