Themes: official opening!

Posted by: chapion 2002/5/5 23:36:49 6162 reads
After a couple of months and hard work, the new community website for phpnuke, postnuke and xoops themedesigners has opened the doors to the public.

We will offer a central place to share and up/downlod themes for these three main cms systems, give you some hints within our tutorials and answer your theme releated questions in our boards. You will also find some exclusive and high quality themes done by the TC-Coreteam.

Read on to find out some interresting news about and it's members.

The Themebrowser
We offer you a new way to view, download and upload your favorite theme. TC uses a new modul called Themebrowser which is based on MEG , but has some nice features. Each theme has a thumbnail, a midsize and a fullsize screenshot. You can download the theme with a single click directly from the thumbnailview. If you want to share your artwork with the community you can upload your theme and screenshot as a member directly to TC, but pls read our "Terms and Policies". Now try the Themebrowser !

First TC-Exclusive Themes
As mentioned before TC will offer you some real exclusive themes. Here are the first five of them - more to come

Brumie's "Black & White" Theme - a realy great piece of artwork. Only Black and White is used to give this theme his unique look. You can download this theme for postnuke .71x or for xoops rc2. Conversion to phpnuke 5.5 is in progress. Please read the readme.txt inside the archive for important information.

Brumie's "Secrect Garden" Theme - Such a wonderfull and warm colored theme. Watch the graphical boxtitles. This version is till now only for Postnuke .71x Template ressources included!

Brumie's "Pixel Two" Theme - The evolution of brumies's pixel one theme is here! Darker and with a ultracool technostyle header. Includes graphical blocktitles. Pls read the instructions inside the archive. Till now only for Postnuke .71x!

User-e's "Blue Bump" Theme - This is an updated version of the popular bluebump theme for phpnuke 5.5! The theme is now fully multilingual enabled, with it's own language files. Please read the readme.txt inside the archive for important information.

Axxxcel's "BlueChrome" Theme - the phpnuke 5.2 version of this theme has been downloaded form about 4000 times. Now it is back! Fully phpnuke 5.5 compatible and on request this time also a english version is included. Some gfx and the stylesheet have been tweaked. Please read the readme.txt inside the archive for important information.

Have you ever wondered how to change the look and feel of the scrollbars, so they go with the style of your theme? user-e has done a nice tutorial how to do this. You can spice up your theme by following this link.

The members is a cooperation of the main *nuke themedesigners listed below and ranked by the date of joining the team:

[Alexander Knett]
Nickname: axxxcel
Status: Founder of
Location: Austria
Goals: Designs exclusive TC-Themes, write Tutorials, moderate most of the forums and doing all the stuff nobody wants

[Pierre Eichhorn]
Nickname: user-e
Status: Senior Partner/Coadmin
Location: Germany
Goals: Designs exclusive TC-Themes, write Tutorials, moderate most of the forums.

[Tobias Liegl]
Nickname: tobi
Website: | ( )
Status: Partner/Codamin
Location: Germany
Goals: Supply/convert Xoops themes, Post XOOPS News and moderate the XOOPS Forum.

[Jan Hübener]
Nickname: soulblighter
Status: Partner/Editor
Location: Germany
Goals: "The Themecollector" - supplies hundred of screenshots and themes for post- and phpnuke

[Abraham Irawan]
Nickname: brumie
Status: Partner/Editor
Location: Bali
Goals: Build Themes for tc and supply real cool tutorials

Nickname: pixelmayhem
Status: Partner/Editor
Location: USA
Goals: Build themes for TC and offer all his themestuff at TC

[Jai Wilson]
Nickname: jai
Status: Partner/Editor
Location: UK
Goals: Build themes for TC, moderate some forums and offer all his themestuff at TC