Modules: [MODULES] Moved 1.2 : don't loose visitors on the way...

Posted by: solo71on 2005/7/4 11:05:13 6855 reads
The wolFactory is proud to announce the release of Moved 1.2.

This new version of the recent 'Moved' module now propose a enhanced installation process (with possibility to clone and replace more than one module) and keeps track of your wrong referers. This would allow you to track down all your 'broken' links inside and outside your website.

One of the new feature would allow you to redirect users from search engine to your own search page, with the results of the user previous search. Exemple on a Arma's Google search result.

As a reminder, Moved is a module which will allow you to replace and redirect any vistiors from a removed module on your site, to any other place.

Any comments and bug reports are welcome...

1) Installation

Follow the next 6 steps to replace a missing module:

1) Download the 'Replacement Module' on your hard drive.

2) Renam the directory 'module_replacement' with the name of the replaced directory:
(ie. : module_replacement -> section)

a. Edit file 'xoops_version.php', and replace the following code line:

$module = 'module_replacement';
with the replaced module name:
(ie : $module = 'section';)

b. Edit language file 'language/LANGUE_PAR_DEFAUT/modinfo.php', and replace the following code line:

$MODULE = 'module_replacement';
with the replaced module name:
(ie : $module = 'section';)
Repeat the operation for each and every default language used on your website!

c. Edit file 'include/install_funcs.php', and replace the following code line:

xoops_module_install_module_replacement(&$module) {
with the replaced module name:
(ie : xoops_module_install_section(&$module) {)

3) Upload the modified directory in your 'modules' Xoops site directory and install it as usual with the module manager.

4) Edit the module preferences, and indicate the replacement module url. See preferences for more.
(ie : modules/smartsection/)

That's it.

2) Preferences

Click on the module logo's preferences link in admin area.

a. Redirection

Replace the replaced index page by another page.
- Displaying an absolute or relative url (can be outside your website).
- Leave blank for default homepage (default).

b. Redirection page
Display or not a redirection page.

c. Logo
Display a logo on your redirection page.
Enter the picture url here.
Leave empty to display none.

d. Redirection text
Place here your custom redirection message.

e. Redirection timer
Define how many second the redirection page is displayed in seconds..

f. Track referers and redirected pages
Records datas from referers and redirected pages so that you may update your datas (if internal links).

g. Clean up entries
Define how long in days datas are recorded in database.
Value set in days.

h. Warn by mail
If you want to be warned by mail for each and every new referers recorded, pick one option.

3) Adaptation
Default supported redirection pages are:

- index.php
- article.php
- category.php
- client.php
- content.php
- item.php
- join.php
- page.php
- print.php
- rate.php
- submit.php

Check wether the module you are replacing has the above mentioned files. If not, copy and rename the index.php file as the source missing file.

4) Cloning
It is possible to clone the 'module_replacement' module and use it for more than one missing module.
Just respect the installation process as explained above.
Preferences are to be defined for each and every replacement module.

Here is a list of ready to install module:
- WFSection
- News
- NewBB

5) Referers verification
So that you may track down wrong referers click on a replacement module icon in admin area.

The icone indicates that the source page (referer) comes from your own website. It is highly recommended to check the concerned link and modify it regarding the operated modification on your site.

Note that a referer coming from a search engine, would be automatically redirected to the search page of your website, with result of its previous query.

Happy Xoopsing,