Themes: "AccessibleXOOPS"

Posted by: lenoirmindOn 2005/6/17 22:29:59 9692 reads
Hello fellow XOOPSers,

At FNB (Federation of Dutch Blind Labraries) we have been working on a methodology for building portals and applications that exhibit 'accessibility from scratch'. For our portal projects we prefer the XOOPS system. The European Accessible Information Network's portal is based on XOOPS and we've added functionalities to switch themes. nothing new of course, since this is a core feature. We're investing some time in implementing a theme that has accessibility features builtin as well. We call the combination of XOOPS and an accessible theme 'AccessibleXOOPS'. A demo can be seen @

Personally I think that 'real' accesisbility start in the core of an information system. And for that reason I have great hopes for future releases of the XOOPS system. The foreseen features I've seen in the dev versions as well in the X4 roadmap are very inspiring directions.

At the ELPUB 2005, the 9th ICCC International Conference on Electronic Publishing, focusing on challenges for the digital content chain, conference we've presented some notions about accessible content management systems and took XOOPS as the reference system. You can read the abstract of the paper we've submitted here: ELPUB2005:FNB

Lot of work needs to be done of course and comments/help would be appreciated.

Tip: there will also be a presentation and publication of these initiatives at the Open Source Systems Conference