Modules: Release of SmartMedia 0.85

Posted by: marcanon 2005/6/17 16:32:54 4824 reads
SmartMedia 0.85 BetaThe SmartFactory is proud to release the second version of its multimedia content management module: SmartMedia 0.85 Beta ! What is SmartMedia ? SmartMedia is a XOOPS 2 module that let you manage a collection of multimedia clips, grouped by categories and folders. For the first time in XOOPS 2 history, this module offers an architecture supporting a real multilingual content management, managed by different forms!

What's in version 0.85 ?

The major change in this release was a highly requested feature : the possibility to manage all media type. It is now possible ! The major media type have been added in the module but the real cool thing : you can add yourself any media type you'd like !

Please note that this release is still at beta status and the module should not be installed on a production site.

Where can I get it ?

Also, carefully read the file upgrade.txt as it contains important informations about the steps that need to be performed in order to successfully upgrade to this version.

You can download the module here : SmartMedia 0.85 Beta.

The language packs are available here : SmartMedia Language Packs.

As usual, any comments, bugs or suggestion are welcomed on the SmartMedia Support Forum.

Enjoy !