Modules: News 1.3.1 RC2

Posted by: herveton 2005/5/26 6:44:58 8422 reads

The second Release Candidate of the News module version 1.3.1 is available.
This version is not a definitive version but a Release Candidate, so you should not use it on a production's website
This version corrects some bugs of the previous version.

Short list of changes
- Bugfix in the random news block
- Bugfix in the comments link
- Bugfix with the use of the standard dhtml editor
- All the relative paths were replaced with absolute paths (in the templates)
- Some corrections in the "view by topic"
- Less warnings
- Bugs corrections in the permissions
- Two new Smarty variables
- A minor change in the automatic generation of keywords

How to get the module
Simply go to its homepage : ... oup_id=1008&release_id=60

Launch the following script :

For more information on the new possibilities of this release, read this article

See it in action
You can see the module in action on this website
Have a look to the page's source code to see the automatic generation of keywords.

Complete Changelog

Corrections :
> There was a bug int the "randon news" block when you was selecting to use only one or zero stories (thank you domifara)
> I have, again, corrected a bug in the comments links (thank you mczolton)
> The "recent news" block was not respecting permissions in classical mode
> When you was using the standard dhtml Xoops editor in the Topics Manager, you was not able to use the editor's buttons (thank you eric_juden)
> I have replaced, in the users part, all the relative paths to absolute paths (this is usefull when you are using shorturls for example)
> Some minor corrections in the templates
> Some bugs corrections in the "view by topics" view. First the permissions was not respected and there were warnings.
> I have corrected a bug in the "notify publisher" option
> I have removed some warnings in the "recent news" block
> A bug was affecting many parts of the module concerning the permissions
> I have removed some warnings in the "random news" block
> The option "Publish in frontpage" available for each topic was not always used
> The topics list contained in the form used to create stories was not respecting permissions (bug introduced in the 1.3.1 version only).

Additions/Changes :
> I have added, in the module's index page and in the article's page, two new Smarty vars :
topic_title - Wich will only contains the news topic (with a ilnk)
news_title - Wich will only contains the news title (with a link)
This will respond to the often asked question, "how to remove the topic's title from the news title.
It's available in the module's index page and in the article's page.
Suggestion made by ralf57
> In the index page, when you was viewing a topic and where there were no articles inside it, nothing was visible. Now you can see, at least
and if you have selected it, the navigation's bar
> In the part wich is responsible to generate keywords automatically, I have added an "option" so that the default keywords defined in the
preferences are returned when the module can't compute any keyword.
> In the topics manager, by default the topics was created as a submenu of the "News" item, that's not the case anymore