Modules: WordPress 0.5.0RC is released

Posted by: nobunobuon 2005/5/8 17:33:59 7044 reads
I released WordPress 0.5.0RC3 as new WordPress for XOOPS moudule.

New Features
1.More Secure!
-Ticket system based on GIJOE's Gticket classs are applied at most of admin function.
-Add some feature to disallow comment spams and trackback spams
- - Spam protection plugin based on WPBlaskList2.9.1 is included as standard plugin.
- - Add option "Deny Trackback whose site does not contain any link to my site."
2. Added feature
-You can integrate XOOPS Comment System instead of using WordPress Comment.(Optional)
-Using new SPAW Editor supporting gecko browser like FireFox.
-Duplicatable V2.1 like GIJOE's TinyD
-Permalink without using mod_rewrite
-More reliable syncronization beteen XOOPS users & WordPress users.

Please get for evaluating RC release from followin link.
NobuNobu XOOPS - WordPress 0.5.0RC is released