Modules: Kshop 1.0 Released

Posted by: kaotikon 2005/4/30 14:10:30 7340 reads
Kshop is now available for general consumption!
Kshop is a commerce module based on Freznoshop, a small but highly customizable shop.

Here are some of it's features:
-multiple payment options.
-each payment option can also have an additional cost associated with it. This cost checks to see if buyer is from same country or not, giving a diferent price if not. This also can have a tax aplied on it.
-shopping cart
-Specials, products can be automaticlly placed in there own category when marked special.
-each product can be linked to 2 images.
-Products placed in categories.

There are some things that this version doesn't do:
-multiple shipping options.

For a future release I want to change how payments and shipping work so that they are modular. That way people can create there own and just plug them into the module, shipping and payment modules that are inserted into the kshop module :)

I will be publishing a roadmap.

You can see Kshop in action and also download it here: