YAXS: Dawn of War Planet Converts From phpNuke 7.6 to XOOPS 2.0.10RC2

Posted by: DevlshOneon 2005/4/23 8:19:36 6203 reads
We at Mednick Online Networks are proud to announce that we've made the switch from phpNuke 7.6 / Sentinel to the latest Release Candidate of XOOPS on one of our biggest and most popular sites: Dawn of War Planet!

DoWP is a gaming fansite dedicated to the Relic/THQ title Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War and has become the fastest growing and most popular site in our network.

Also under development is a brand new gaming fansite for Relic's most recently announced release, Company of Heroes. I'm going to push the limits of CSS, Flash and XOOPS with this new one, so expect great things to come.