Modules: CBB 1.0 Final is released

Posted by: phpppon 2005/4/18 15:15:57 8938 reads
The XOOPS CHINA dev group is proud to announce CBB 1.0
- XOOPS Forum Module For Chinese users

Resized Image CBB 1.0, further development of NewBB 2.02, fully compatible with NewBB 2.0*

Changelog over NewBB 2.02:
1 CBB uses the same DB stucture/data with NewBB 2, it is convenient to switch between current CBB and current NewBB 2.
2 bugfixes for NewBB 2.02
3 clean/correct NewBB 2 templates

Major new features ( most suggested by XOOPS CHINA users)
1 dropdown menu selectable for end users: SELECT BOX, CLICK, HOVER
2 multi-attachments upload
3 RSS improvement, individual RSS Feeds for each category, each forum and the global module
4 FPDF improvement, UTF-8 encoding is now working
5 user friendly time display, four types: Today, Yesterday, this year and longer than one year
6 block handler: recent posts, recent topics, most views, most replies, recent digest, recent sticky, most valuable posters
7 time periods for blocks, you could have most views in last 24 hours, most views in this week, most views in this month
8 new page: view all posts
9 "New member": an introduction thead will be posted automatically when a user logs on for the first time (if enabled)
10 adding dobr parameter

Non-technical discussion is not welcome.
Technical support available at XOOPS CHINA
For more details, check readme.txt