Modules: Simple Accounts (SACC) V0.1 Alpha/Review released

Posted by: chippyashon 2005/4/6 15:18:28 5452 reads
Many business systems (and other non-business ones) are required to account for financial value in some manner. This module is aimed at providing double entry book-keeping facilities for Xoops business systems developers. Although it can be used by itself, that is not it's real aim.

SACC provides the following functionality:

* Multi organisation accounting (accounts for >1 organisation can be kept in the same system, thus once the module is installed, many applications can use it.)
* Basic on screen journal entry of accounts.
* Hierachical accounts
* A program API based on xoopsObject that can easily extended for additional application functionality

This first release is a useable module and allows data entry by users and an API for developers. Subsequent releases will add additional features but SACC will never be a replacement for GNUCash

The module can be downloaded at