Modules: Code Data Management (CDM) V1. Released

Posted by: chippyashon 2005/3/30 10:13:21 4410 reads V1 of CDM has been released. Check out at Xoops Module Repository or Xoops Dev repository.

2005/03/24 1.0 Official Release
2004/11/15 0.1beta release.

The Code Data Management module (or CDM) is a building block module that is aimed at assisting Xoops business systems developers.

Most business systems (and many non-business ones) rely on codes to codify data in their databases. You can think of common ones such as country codes, currency codes etc. This is such a common task that a way of handling all code requirements within a set of applications that make up a business system is seen as desirable and efficient. In large organisations a function of IT may be to maintain a core set of codes used by the rest of the organisation so that strict integrity can be maintained between different applications. It does not make sense for two applications wanting to use currency codes for instance to use two different sets which may or may not be the same sets.

Thus CDM was borne, primarily as a building block for the author's own application building project, but also as a way to give a bit back to the Xoops community. As it was the author's first Xoops application it was good way to learn the Xoops API and the code has been liberally sprinkled with comments to assist any other would be Xoops programmers in what at first can seem (and was!) a daunting task.

What does it do?
CDM provides the following functionality;
* Provides a central repository for all codes that may be used in one or more Xoops applications
* Provides central management of code data utilising Xoops group authority mechanisms
* Provides a program API based on xoopsObject that can easily extended for additional application functionality.

The auther is now busy on a double entry accounts module, the next step to the auction system.