Modules: WF-Links 1.0.1 RC Released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2005/3/26 22:22:38 4346 reads The WF-Project is pleased to announce the release of WF-Links 1.0.1 RC.

WF-Links is a module to create a link section for Xoops that offers more features than the original mylinks module which is part of the older Xoops distributions.

You can create a link section with multiple categories and sub-categories.

Here is a short selection of features offered:

Create multiple categories and subcategories for your links
Submission permissions per (sub-)category
Moderation permissions per (sub-)Category
Choose to validate link submissions first or have them automaticly accepted
Add screenshots to your links
Add a description to your links
Add a maturity rating for your links
Allow user ratings and comments for your links
Define publishing and expiration times for every link (optional)

WF-Links 1.0.1 RC Released