YAXS: EUAIN project portal built on XOOPS.

Posted by: lenoirmindon 2005/3/18 15:12:25 4585 reads Hello Fellow XOOPS-ers,

Next to using XOOPS for my personal stuff LenoirMind, I strongly push forward XOOPS as a webbased information system regarding projects in my professional activities. These projects typically are international projects funded by the European Commission and theme-wise span a range from Accessibility in the Information Community, eEducation to more technical topics, like sharing results of research and development in interactive music systems.

One key objective of the EUAIN project is the specification and implementation of a XOOPS theme that is compatible with the WAI1.0 specifications. WAI stands for Web Accessibility Guidelines. It is my experience that the smarty template based theming engine of XOOPS, is very suitable for integrating these more advanced formatting/processing requirements into an information system. We made a start on this and embedded some of the WAI1.0 features into a lightweight theme that can be selected in the portal. Please note that in it's present incarnation it is certainly *not* a structural sollution. It is hoped to come up with a structuraly usable WAI1.0 theme during the lifetime of this project.

The webportal of the EUAIN project can be found on: EUAIN.org webportal

Below is some information about this particular project. Any comments, suggestions, warnings and advice -on any aspect of the portal and the concepts that it tries to convey- is more then welcome in one of the public fora that we've put up at EUAIN.org.

I think XOOPS is *the* perfect companion for setting up project portals! And I'm sure that if I participate in any other project, more XOOPS based project portals will follow shortly



The EUAIN project (European Accessible Information Network) is funded by the eInclusion thread of the European Commission 6th framework IST programme and co-ordinated by FNB Amsterdam. EUAIN aims to promote e-Inclusion as a core horizontal building block in the establishment of the Information Society by creating a European Accessible Information Network to bring together the different actors in the content creation and publishing indus-tries around a common set of objectives relating to the provision of accessible information. Accessibility for print im-paired people can be an increasingly integrated component of the document management and publishing process and should not be a specialised, additional service.

EUAIN will take the broadest definition of content creators and will provide the support, tools and expertise to en-able them to provide accessible information. This is now feasible due to recent developments at several levels. From a technical perspective, it is now possible to address key concerns of content creators and providers and coherently address issues such as: automation of document structuring, adherence to emerging standards, workflow support, digital rights management and secure distribution platforms.