Modules: WebMailFX 1.0RC2b is out!

Posted by: flyingtuxon 2005/3/16 8:34:24 6313 reads
The WebMailFX Team is proud to announce the release of version RC2b of WebMailFX.
Lot of changes have been made, such as:

-Fixed CPanel autocreation in inbox.php.
-Fixed several bugs in settings.php.
-Added patch to Function SendMail in /class/email_message.php. This allows to set correctly the Return Path when PHP is set in safe mode on the server.
-Added more lang constants.
-Fixed error in contactbook.
-Added another statistic.
-Made small change to cpanel statistic
-Fixed "Reply" and "Forward" functions in readmail.php: original text is now shown correctly.
-Code optimization in inbox.php.
-Removed libmail.php which is no more used.
-Added Turkish Translation.

We hope you will all enjoy this new version and, as usual, we encourage everyone to give us feedback and support.

The WebMailFX Team