Modules: Resmanager Release 1

Posted by: loudoon 2005/2/22 20:57:10 6473 reads

There is the first final release of module resmanager :

Module Here

The principal evolutions are as follows:
- Addition of an image for the category.
- Seizure of descriptions advanced for category and reservations.
- Management of the rights by category.
- a cancelled request is not removed not put the statute changes.
- Modification posting of the selections of schedules recorded in session.
- Management category and reservation in the administration. - Cancellation of a reservation.
- New main page of the module.
- Posting of the total number of places, reserved and dispo for the single reservation.
- Management of the notification.
- simplified multiple Reservation.
- Screen of update in mass for the reservations.
- Addition of small the preference in the index of the admin.