YAXS: LenoirMind.nl - Personal Art and Thought using XOOPS

Posted by: lenoirmindon 2005/2/21 7:13:35 4393 reads
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Hello fellow XOOPS-ers.

I've built a personal Art and Thought portal using XOOPS. I did quite some theme coding and customisation of some modules. Since I'm very interested in the interrelations between all the works of art, during the next few months I will be adding some modules I've developed myself that will enable some advanced crosslinking of the content I've uploaded there. So next to the function of a gallery, this portal will serve as a laborary.

I'm afraid most of the descriptive content is in dutch - translations may take a while due to loads of other chores

You can visit the site at LenoirMind.

I hope that most of my drawings, chunks of music, poems and other instances of though can speak for themselves and can cross the language barrieres.

Any suggestions on the use of modules, themes and any other aspects are very welcome,