YAXS: Callout to module and theme writers: I'm writing a book and need your help

Posted by: kiangon 2005/2/13 9:10:00 9772 reads

I'm writing a book about the resources of XOOPS in Traditional Chinese. I'll put some screenshots of the theme(s), module(s) you made and attach them in a CD. I've sent some mail for the authors. But I'm afraid that I couldn't contact all of you. So I post this news.

The list of the resources ...


4images, abibase, addresses, agendax, agnitioVirusInfo, altern8news, alumni, amevents, AMS, analogclock, anni, antidos, archcontact, arms, articles, asms, Astro, avantgo, avatarmaker, backpack, backup, bfstats, bioreg, blockies, Blocksdivers, blockutils, bmef, bmfile, bobomtv, booklists, buddyfriends, buddylist, bwiki, camportail, carriere, catads, cdbase, cdm, chatmx, checker, checkip, chess, chou_clock, cjaycontent, cleaner, clock_calendar, cms, colormatch, comics, comments, contact_plus, count, courseReview, credits, dbtools, debaser, dictionary, diffusion, digest, digMod, directfriends, dlinstallx, dms, docmanager, easyweb, eCal, ecoTut, edito, eguide, email, enterprise, errorhandler, eskuel, evennews, extcal, fatalquery, fbextractor, fckeditor, filemanager, flashgames, flashshout, formmail, formulaire, formulize, freecontent, friendfinder, frozen_bubble, general, globetrotter, glossaire, google, googlesearch, googlestats, guestbook231, historias, home, homepages, homeworld, htmlarea, icontent, iMenu, impressum, incblocks, iradio, irc, istats, jargon, jobs, khat, kmsmain, language, lang_tool, LanMod, League, liaise, liens, lykos_reviews, lykos_syndication, magalerie, mantis, marquee, mediashow, metacat, metamoteur, mh014, moodle, mrbs, ms_weather, multiMenu, myAds, myalbum, mybbs, myconference, mydownloads, myguestbook, myiframe, mymenu, myPinup, myquiz, myReviews, myxlinks, net2ftp, netproject, netquery, newbb, news, news2, noah, obsclient, obs_classroom, onlinehistory, onlinetest, opencontent, optimize, ourauctions, pbboard, pfinance, phpads, phpfm, phpmyadmin_260b3, phpwiki, piCal, popnupblog, PP-News, pphlogger, pricelist, protector, quote4xoops, Quran, randomquote, relations, resmanager, rss, serverbooking, shop, shortcuts, shoutbox, sign_up, smallstore, smartclient, smartfaq, smartpartner, smartsection, sms, smsbiz, snx_guestbook, soapbox, sound, spaw, spotlight, sqmail, sstatus, statistics, stockquotes, stories, subsite, supports, surveyorx, symantecalert, system, T-TechTools, tabmod, tadbook2, taduploader, tad_gbook, team, theaterman_2, theme_changer, tinycontent, tinyeditor, tinyevent, tipsandtricks, tmsender, todomod, tplleaguestats, trackback, treemenuxl, ttts, tutorials, tv, uploader, urgence, userinfo, userpoints, uservisit, uskolaxgallery, virusalert, visitrecord, vlweather, vwar, waiting, wakka, wap, webalizer, webchat, weblinks, weblog, WebMailFX, webnews, websearch, wfchannel, wfdownloads, wffaq, wfquotes, wfsection, wfsnippets, whatnews, whosonline, wikimod, wiwimod, wmpdownloads, wordbook, wordpress, worldtime, wsproject, wysiwyg_sections, xadmintools, xasset, xCal, xcgal, xcomics, xconv, xdirectory, xdonations, xentcdmanager, xentdynamicmenu, xentgen, xentprojects, xentteam, xenttestimony, xfguestbook, xfmod, xfsection, xfsnippet, xhelp, xhld, xhlstats, xlink, xmail, xmline, xmmemberstats, xmyshell, xoogle, xooperstore, xoopopchat, xoopschat, xoopsdigger, xoopsgallery, xoopstools, xoopsvirus, xoops_teamspeak, xphpbbi, xplayhistory, xptblcheck, xp_syndication, xroster, xtremguestbook, xtt, xt_conteudo, xt_temas, xwhois, xyp4all, x_base, x_shell, yybbs, zentrack

Themes :

0z_XTv2RC3, 187crew, 3dWoods, 4colorbiz, 4whitebusiness, 7dana-clean, 7dana-jane, 7dana-rose, 7dana-round, 7dana-soft, 7dana-Xred, art, ast_flower, ast_flower_red, bezoops, bleu_ange, BlindCake, blogstyle, bluebarr, blueish, blue_lagoon, bm-glass, chitenay, colors, colors_cust, cork_board, doggie, dp_circuits, dragon_q, dream_on, drop, EuroCast2, exnews, fancy_free, fc2, fcTechnoBlue, fc_LyXoops, fiapple, fiappleblue, fiapplegreen, fiapplepink, fiblack, fiblack3d, fiblack3dblue, fiblue3d, filthy, filthy_blue, filthy_blue_fs, fisubgrey, fisubice, fisubsilver, flower, fydarkblack, gold, gooberstar, GrayMeetsPurple, green_garden, h4g_blue, h4g_green, hiweed-gray, iaolsICE, iaolsXP, ibdtechbiz1, imago-04, imago02, imago03, imago06, imago06b, imago06c, imago08, imago09, is_blueviolet, is_burlywood, is_cadetblue, is_clearsky, is_darkseagreen, is_deeppink, is_dolphin, is_ez, is_fireblick, is_foggynight, is_glassflower, is_gold, is_indianred, is_ipbstyle, is_lavender, is_merrymerry, is_orangedream, is_rainbow, is_snowflake, is_urbanize, is_weekend, it_hq-blue, i_far, je-taime, kaleidoscope, karate_redux, karate_redux_blue, karate_verdux, kg-ndn-jeux, kiss_melody, kiss_melody_en, kiss_newyear, kiss_xmas_black, kiss_xmas_snow, KRB, kronika, legend, lime, microWhite, mint, montisarts_2, montisblue, montisorange, mp00, natal, ND_Fantasy, Negative_Image, neWPC_AvP, neWPC_Black, neWPC_Desert, neWPC_Half-Life, neWPC_Half-Life_White, neWPC_halloween, neWPC_Matrix, neWPC_Purple, neWPC_Xmas, NicoFr38, nintendo, nitelite, nsm, obscene, obscene_fs, obscene_v2, obscene_v3, obscene_v3_3c, opengeek, othello, oz_BG_RC3, oz_BlG, oz_FG, oz_KG, oz_OG, oz_RG, oz_WG, oz_XFr, Oz_XT2, oz_XTnoel, oz_YG, P7, pale_gold, picollo, pinky, plannetbressuire, plasma, poink, purpled, red_dragon, sea_surface, seven freeze, seven_blue, seven_glass, sev_door, sev_dravid, sev_sachin, sev_tang, sev_ventti, sev_zero, sfiblack, sfigris, sfiyellow, Shino_NoweL, Shino_One, Shino_red_hat, Shino_Two, simple_line, sora, studioc_2005, subblack, subgreen, subrebel, subred, technicolor, Theme_Noel_sans_neige, ucberkeley_liquid, ultra_slim, waffle, warcraft, wdforge, wdsdn, WF_AvP, WF_halloween, WF_luna, WF_Matrix, WF_solaris, WF_spiderman, WF_Steel, WF_terra, wl_fuzzy, wl_holloween, wl_holloween2, wl_sweets, X-mas, xbox, xf_pleasure, xf_pleasure_blue, xintel_fr, xmas, xp, yahoo_taste, Zaja-Green, Zaja-System, Zaja-X, Zaja_Blue, zaja_Color, zaja_Cool, Zaja_Shadow

I'm not that clear about the release right for each one. But I'll attach some notices like ...

"If you would like to use the resources in business, you should contact the author first. This book only try to introduce the resources found on internet."

I'm keeping maintain the list. If you think that I souldn't put yours in the book, please let me know.

Contact : kiange AT gmail DOT com

*I'm looking for the publisher to publish it in English. If you are interesting about this or would like translate it to other languages after the English version published, let me know, too.

*I sure will put the information of the authors' website.

Best regards!

Finjon Kiang