YAXS: New Real Estate Agent Sites - Midwest US

Posted by: seventhsealon 2005/2/4 14:06:50 5186 reads
Over at XOOPS @ IBDeeming!, we've been working on some new sites for clients. This week, we have released two new sites for agents in the midwest. The great news - we choose, along with them, to use XOOPS!

The sites are KatherineHorne.com and JoleneSchmitz.com

The reason XOOPS was chosen has to do with stability, ease of dynamic content, and speed. We will be releasing very soon, our Real Estate Listing module. This module will be a full-featured MLS for XOOPS. If you are interested in BETA testing this mod, go to XOOPS @ IBDeeming! and let us know in the forums!