Themes: Pushing XOOPS limits? Nooo...!

Posted by: dadopromon 2005/1/21 7:15:51 8162 reads
After a long time of developing I am very happy to anounce the release of the dp_circuits theme for the xoops community. The graphics are all hand made, no photos, no scans, all my ideas. Tested under IE 5; IE 5.5; IE 6; Opera; Firefox (Mozilla, Netscape). Don't know Konqueror and others, but hope it works fine.

- one additional css file for graphics, minimum html code.
- fixed width with no screwed graphics, after the center blocks get wider (demo at my site).
- size: 95,1 kB

Known issues:
- I just noticed that, if you don't use banners the login screen get a bit messy. So USE BANNERS. I will fix it soon!

In one discusion on xoops site someone said that there are not good themes at XOOPS for download... In other one I said that you can do anything you wish, it is just up to your imagination... here is the proof. You can see the demo and download it from here:

Xoops gave me a lot, so this is my first contribution to special CMS.