Modules: Netquery 2.1 - New Whois Server Autodiscovery

Posted by: RVirtueOn 2005/1/9 19:03:37 5506 reads
Version 2.1 of Netquery, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, is now available for download from Dev.Xoops and from the VIRtech web site.

This version introduces autodiscovery for the Whois TLD-Server management item under Netquery's administrator interface. If the server entry is left blank, Netquery attempts to use an autodiscovery process via data. Please note that this feature is not available for compound domain extensions (such as for which the server name must be entered manually based on the top level domain (TLD) server.

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Netquery's major features currently include the following:
* multidomain and IP/AS whois lookups,
* DNS and Dig queries,
* port services/exploits lookup with status check,
* HTTP HEAD and GET requests,
* ICMP pings (local and/or remote),
* traceroutes (local and/or remote),
* looking glass router interrogation,
* whois lookup server autodiscovery,
* data table updates independent of module updating, and
* user submissions with admin notification and approval.

The administrator can enable or disable each feature individually and can configure local execution and/or a remote server script for the ping and traceroute features. The administrator can also edit all of the data tables used by the whois, port services and looking glass features and can allow site users to submit port services and exploits information for acceptance. Major data tables can be downloaded and updated independently of the module itself.

Here are the links for more information, live testing and downloading:
User Manual - Forums - Live Test - Dev Project - Download