Modules: WebMailFX 1.0RC2a is out!

Posted by: flyingtuxon 2004/12/8 17:16:43 5516 reads
The WebMailFX Team has lately enetered and hard developing period focused on developing IMAP support for the module.
While developing new features, we tried to gave more stability and usability to what we already have. Therefore, we release this 1.0RC2a which includes:
-New Icon Set. Alternate ones are available for download on the project page;
-Update script. This allow people using old versions of the module to easily migrate to the last one. See readme file for details;
-Check box in inbox.php: it allow to check all messages in a page (think about spam, when you want to check and delete all messages);
-Enlarged lenght of ufrom field in wmfx_popsettings table. It has been moved from 50 to 100 mainly because a very big "from" field could not stay in it;
-All classes(pop3.php and class.rc4crypt.php) which were out of the right directory (class) have been moved into it;
-A bunch of useless files have been deleted;
-A bunch of undefined vars have been fixed.
We hope to get feedback from users soon and we wish you all a very...
Mailing (through WebMailFX) Christmas!

The WebMailFX Team

Download files here.