YAXS: MapCentral Network has gone Live! (multisites)

Posted by: intel352on 2004/12/5 12:14:28 5572 reads
The MapCentral Gaming Network has been launched! For the past few months, we've been putting a lot of hard work into the new MapCentral Network. CSMapCentral has been revamped once again, and six new websites have been added![extend](Regrettably, the popular CSMC Remote Map Installer has been disabled due to this major upgrade, but will be back in full force with full support for each game represented in the MapCentral network!)

The network of sites include:

HLMapCentral (Half-Life)
CSMapCentral (Counter-Strike, CS Source, CS: Condition Zero)
DoDMapCentral (Day of Defeat, DoD Source)
FAMapCentral (Firearms)
NSMapCentral (Natural Selection)
TSMapCentral (TheSpecialists)
HL2MapCentral (Half-Life 2)

Due to this major change, we're having to rebuild our downloads databases. Please help us by submitting related files or maps. The MapCentral Network exists for you, the community, but only with your support!

Everyone that was a member of CSMapCentral, is automatically a member of each new site in our Network. You can control your personal profile from any of the MapCentral sites, and any news or web links that you post will automatically be displayed on each website.

A new feature for mappers is almost done, which will allow map creators to be hosted on the MapCentral network (all screenshots, map files, as well as an html page describing the mapper's work and latest news). Keep checking back for this often requested feature!

Enjoy browsing the new sites, and let us know what you think! See you in the forums!


INFO for the Xoops Community

CSMapCentral is a Counter-Strike gaming community site, and has been in existence since February 2003. With this upgrade from a single website to a network of 7 sites total, I've migrated (only) the user database from the original Nuke-based CSMapCentral site, to a Xoops 2.0.9 customized installation.

All 7 sites are running off of the same physical installation of xoops, using a slightly evolved version of my multisites hack. Brash's Article Management System (AMS) module is in use, as well as WF-Downloads, MyLinks, SmartFAQ, and my own xDonations and xphpBBi modules. Almost all tables in the database are shared, with just a minimal few kept unique to each website.

Feel free to register and poke around, but there's not alot of content on the sites yet, since we're essentially starting from scratch.