Modules: WebMailFX road to 1.0RC2

Posted by: flyingtuxon 2004/11/19 17:42:23 3769 reads
The WebMailFX Team is currently carrying on a huge amount of code changes.

In progress:
-moving "config options" from /cache/config.php and config2.php to
xoops_version.php: this will significantly enhance module security
and improve its respect of xoops standards;
-new POP3 class: this will solve many problems people have been having
such as international charsets, the STAT problem ( +(ok) ), etc...

Already done:
-case sensitivity in CPanel;
-background colors controlled through vars in a file;
-turn settings off controlled through group permission.

Investigation on:
-increasing server security by forcing the module to delete attachments
from it.

Scheduled for latter versions:
-starting translations projects: it could be done after "config options" will be completely migrated to xoops_config.php;
-register_global issue, which will require a lot of code rewriting;
-IMAP implementation.

We would like to thank all the people around the world which gave us feedback and encourage everybody to partecipate to the project.

The WebMailFX Team