Modules: multiMenu 1.5 - sublinks now supported !

Posted by: solo71on 2004/11/18 18:29:22 11726 reads
The WolFactory is proud to announce the release of MultiMenu 1.5. This new version encomprises some interesting and very expected modifications :
  • Pictures now support relatives links (alike links)
  • Dynamic sublinks are now supported (Yay !)
Many thanks to Do Huynh Ngoc Huy from aitvna, who made that wonderfull and very expected modification ! I have included (and adapted) his modification to the original multiMenu. Pay attention : sublinks work only if you use the same directory as the main link ! Exemple : Main link -> modules/news/ Sublink -> modules/news/submit.php (will show up) Sublink -> modules/mydownloads/ (won't show up) This version is not compatible with previous version of multiMenu (due to new data base entry). Please uninstall previous version before installing this one... Enjoy !