Themes: Pre-release Xtrm theme

Posted by: incamaon 2004/11/1 6:30:43 5889 reads
As we get alot of mail these last few days, we decided to port the new Extrm theme into the download section.

It's our latest production theme build in css.
Be carefull when using this theme in a production envirment, it still contains bugs! When finding bugs, please report them back to us so we can do something about it :)

Theme features:
-logo template,
-new forum images,
-Templates (be sure using these because they are heavily adjusted, with thanks to Michael aka StudioC for his bbcode 'code' hack!)
-All css in theme.html.

Still working on:
-Weblinks section (this gets the same look as the download)
-clean up style.css (there are a mess at this point)

-When using this theme, make sure your are using the main and user block at the right side block as nr 1 and 2, this because we have made it to sit in that place!

Grab your copy at
or just click here!

Resized Image

Dave -incama-staff-