Modules: Netquery 1.2 Adds HTTP Requests

Posted by: RVirtueOn 2004/10/23 17:01:35 4278 reads
Netquery version 1.2 is now available for download from Dev.Xoops or from the author's web site.

This release adds HTTP requests (GET and HEAD) to the Netquery toolkit of network information utilities. The full package now includes Whois lookups, DNS queries, server port checking, HTTP requests, ICMP pings, traceroutes and Looking Glass router interrogation.

Each Netquery feature can be enabled or disabled individually by the administrator. Local execution and/or a remote server script can be used for the ping and traceroute features and are fully configurable. The administrator can also configure all entries in the whois and looking glass data tables to add, edit and delete Whois server/TLD associations and to specify both default and router-specific settings for looking glass feature execution.

For additional information, please see the Netquery Manual.