YAXS: Mods-x Opens its doors to the public.

Posted by: McNazon 2004/8/13 6:32:42 4892 reads
This is my fourth Xoops effort and must admit I am getting more and more confident with Xoops, the skins and smarty theme engine. It is a joy to write modules for.

But anyway, just wanted to let you know that http://www.mods-x.com has opened its doors to the public. Here you can find a growing list of articles relating to running Linux on the X-Box. The site employs a slightly modified OSCommerce module for Xoops to sell our X-Box liberation services.

The theme is based on Montisarts' excellent theme. The header has been tweaked and so was the css. I am not a graphics designer, I am a programmer, so take it easy on the design

Xoops team: I love your work.