YAXS: New (ish) xoops sites

Posted by: AndyMon 2004/7/1 16:38:18 3740 reads
These are two of the Xoops based web sites that I have been working on:

The first is PC From Scratch http://www.pcfromscratch.co.uk - a site that shows you how to build your own computer. Users of my Articles modules may already know about this site as I use it as a "showcase" for the module.

The second is Themes-4-You http://www.themes-4-you.com - This site mainly has some fonts at present, but will eventually contain themes and other resources. Also uses Articles, and has custom modules for font display, etc.

Admittedly, neither are fully finished yet due to personal reasons, but they do have some content that may be of use to you.