Modules: I-Stats module version 2.1

Posted by: sylvainbon 2004/6/13 1:37:20 8889 reads
I am very pleased to announce to you all the arrival of the 'new' version of I-Stats module.

Firstly, I would like to thank all official xoops coders for having made their code very clean and understandable for a php novice.

Secondly, I also want to thank Lucastds who has given me the desire to add Smarty templates to a module. (for the first time)

Finally, thank you to all the $xoopsusers who have encouraged me by registering as members of my website. To download the module or to post, you don't need to be registered, and I am sure you all know that!

So, here are the modifications of the module...

- Version 2.1 smarty templates included

Counter block with configurable options:

- A choice of graphical numbers to display
- Directory to use for graphics
- Show members avatar or not

Web stats block now include this option:

- Selectable date format (FR or US)

Istats module has now an admin section:

- Selectable date format (FR or US)
- You can choose the number of 'requested pages' to display
- You can choose the number of 'hostnames' to display
- You can choose the number of 'referers' to display

- You can define your cookie's lifetime duration

Warning: The option uses a specific file (config.php in the cache directory). Don't forget to CHMOD the cache directory to 777 and the config.php file to 666.

P3P compact policy is included in the counter.php file with Janmetpet's string. Just follow the link below to obtain yours:

Included in the text (point number 3), is a modification to prevent admin to be counted by the module (Lucastds).

Have fun with it! Please don't hesitate to propose some other modifications and I will see what can be done.

Sylvain B. Webmaster of