YAXS: Introducing Power-Dreams for you!

Posted by: krobion 2004/6/12 18:05:35 4424 reads
We started developing our site in January. You can view it over at www.power-dreams.com.

It's a site about PC's, Modding, Zeta/BeOS and our Community.

We use the following Modules:

-> 3 News Modules
We cloned the News Module twiced, to have the separate News Columne
-> 2 Headline Modules
So we can give our user's separate Headline News (you can find one in the PC & Modding section and one in the BeOS Usergroup Section)

-> yDownloads
-> myLinks
-> directsfriends[u]
-> [u]estadisticas

It's a spanish Statics Module, we did a little hacking on it so we have Statics for alle 3 News Modules. We translated it into german.

-> frozen-bubble
-> incBlocks
-> 2 myalbum-p
One album we use as our Case Gallery and in the second album users can put in pictures or wallpapers and so on.

-> NewBB 1.03
-> PiCal
-> Spotlight 2.0
-> myTutorials
-> wfsection

and many more

You can see we did a lot of work on the site, here. You can visit our Site and we hope you will enjoy it!