YAXS: Chivo.nl, new Dutch website - powered by Xoops

Posted by: janmetpetOn 2004/6/2 13:19:34 9085 reads
I published a new Dutch website, Chivo.nl and it covers the subject of vitality, wellness if you will. It is powered by Xoops, actually my first website in Xoops and I love it! This is the website:

Chivo.nl - Alles over vitaal worden en vitaal blijven!

It uses an adjusted 7dana theme and looks real clean, though not cold. It has articles and a FAQ, named VVV. This FAQ is used as a dictionary and the news items lean heavily on the dictionary. Time for a dictionay module, that automatically scans newsitems .

I also used a Dutch language file that uses rather old style Dutch or is actually a Belgium (Vlaams) version. Have to change some of the commands. Some of the sentences actually have a medieval ring to it for a Dutch person.

The other module used is I-stats. The documentation is a bit confusing, due to the fact that it is an E-Xoops port. Just paste the Javascript code in the theme instead of the Footer option in the Admin and off you go. I also changed the code a bit, so it won't register the Admin and therefore does not mess up my real stats.

Thanks Xoops Community, you delivered a new happy user!