Modules: WordPress XOOPS port is released

Posted by: nobunobuon 2004/5/28 16:40:39 8823 reads Hey, all!
I just released WordPress XOOPS port 0.1.1.

It's based on "WordPress 1.0.2" and "WordPress ME 1.0.3" (Multi Language Edition for Japanese)

This is the first release that can be used in an English environment.

You can get and try it from here.

There currently is not any English documentation for this module. If you know about the original WordPress, you will be able to use this module easily. If you don't, please see the documents on the WordPress Homepage.

To install this module, you don't need to run install.php, like WordPress needs it. All you have to do is, copy all files into your XOOPS Module directory and execute XOOPS module install menu as normal.

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NobuNobu XOOPS