Modules: 3 Modules for Public Release

Posted by: dyoo78On 2004/5/6 20:49:04 6808 reads
Hello Fellow Xoopsers,

The CalFacts Student Portal Working Group is proud to announce 3 modules (1 theme) for public release. Each module was made specific to our needs and there may be some bugs, but all in all, they look promising. Here's the list of the modules and links to download:

Tab Mod
The Tab Mod was created to be used in conjunction with the ucberkeley_liquid theme. It allows webmasters to easily deploy a site based on tabs and sub-tabs (like Webmasters can hide the Main Menu block in entirety.
* Download the Tab Mod.

Text Message Sender
TM Sender is a module that allows users to send text messages to other users' cell phones. This is a simple module, but can be powerful in conjunction with other modules. It currently supports Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. Nextel, Verizon and Cingular are on our to do list (verizon is reorganizing their text message function, so adding verizon may take some time).
* Download the Text Message Sender.

Course Review
The Course Review Module is a module that allows users to rank and review courses and professors in a university/college setting. It can be replicated to be a cell phone review module, education abroad review module, or other review modules that have 2-tier categorization (i.e. cell phone and cell phone carriers, courses and professors, country and university within a country).
* Download the Course Review.

All these modules are brought to you by the generous funding and volunteer work of the Students of the University of California, Berkeley and the CalFacts Student Portal Working Group.