Themes: TheatrePort Launches new look-theme

Posted by: DobePhaton 2004/4/26 15:40:52 6025 reads
Although it seems our users want to stick with a percentage width. We thought we'd share our new look with everyone at xoops! Our team has worked hard in adding various elements suchas a Fixed width, A dynamic Drop down menu that is semi-xbrowser..and a neat graphical look.

Theatreport-An online Performing arts website powered by xoops engine.

The new theme: is an 800 width theme and is influenced by...the old nautisOX, 7dana styles, x2T structures, the default theme and several others.

[b]The Menu{/b] The menu system is what we spent a lot of time working's a dynamic drop down menu...and SEEMS to have been tweeked to work x-browser (testers appreciated).

The menu comes from Dynamic Drive and is heavily modified and seems to be working well!

[b]Graphics[/] Were saubmitted by a member.

Still working on ways to make it faster...
Percentage vs fixed width is always up for discussion...
Your suggestions on improving the theme are most helpful!
Thank you all! Theatre Online