Themes: CSS eXample theme for eXercises

Posted by: studioCon 2004/3/21 10:24:25 5525 reads
I'm often ask to make such css theme things for download, so... it is nearly simpel to individualize xoops to fit one's personal needs but it's very hard for me to make a community usable theme which fits the needs of more than one person ...

here is the link:

For those who don't want to register, use xoops:xoops for LOGIN

This is <b>NOT</b> the theme which you can plug and play. You may think how to organize themestructure with content, blocks are not arranged as usual.

This is <b>NOT</b> the theme which is said to be 100%. So, still remember that it is first experience to bring things like positioning with css, "readable" code and such things in combination with xoops. Theme.html itself uses only css for positioning but there still are templatefiles which use tables for layout things..

This is <b>NOT</b> the theme which is complete with all modulfiles. It's basic theme and css file with the including blocks, you may use it with default templateset so i added default's table classes within css, but you may have to look at some tables width as every webmaster would do !

I <b>WILL</b> edit parts of possible goingons with this theme like "How to change block appearance" or "How to change e.g. forums appearance" if there is the need!