Modules: ArMS 0.4

Posted by: Ilijaon 2003/11/16 17:42:52 7105 reads ArMS (Article Management System) is XOOPS 2 module for managing multipage articles, tutorijals and everything else that has multipage text content.

Key features:

- 4 level data strucure:
-- categories
--- section
---- articles
----- pages
- crossposting (one article in more than one section)
- coauthoring (author of article can add extra permission to other users to help him write and maintain article)
- rating 1 - 5 (in ArMS 0.4 it is option - can be turned off from admin)
- XOOPS comments and search
- articles can be OnHold (article is not finished)
- smart hiding (if category or section is empty it will be hidden)
- blocks

NOTE: There is some known bugs and I don`t know how to fix them. Please take a look at docs/KNOWNBUGS.txt.

Download from XOOPS Modules/Themes