Modules: XoopsGallery Released

Posted by: gstarretton 2003/11/13 19:48:46 16168 reads XoopsGallery is now available for download. It incorporates a few minor issues discovered since the last release plus EXIF support, an option to show full size pictures bare in a new window, and a new admin function to provide complete database table synchronization (see the README for more information).

XoopsGallery requires XOOPS 2.0.4 or later (2.0.5 is highly recommended). You can download it at

Read on for general information about XoopsGallery.

XoopsGallery is a XOOPS module based on the very popular and functional Gallery 1.3.3 web application. With XoopsGallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface within your XOOPS portal system.

Version, 11/13/2003, by gstarrett
* Fixed album index navigation on template
* Add admin function to fill xoopsgallery_image table
* Fixed Slideshow template problem in IE
* Fixed Add Photos with URL where http://myhost/mydir does not work but http://myhost/mydir/ does
* Added option to show full size images without XOOPS layout
* Added option for blocks to be wide or narrow layout
* Enabled EXIF information in albums. Set path in admin>prefs, set Use Exif=Yes in album