Themes: ArchSilver Theme For Xoops Ready for Testing.

Posted by: AAINCon 2003/11/9 11:49:46 4210 reads The first theme I downloaded, after installing Xoops, was the Gold theme from ArchSilver is based on that theme. The theme was originally a PHPNuke theme from, BlackW, that I modified into ArchBlackW. I converted the modified ArchBlackW into the Xoops theme ArchSilver.
It is a dark theme and has a Black/Gray/Silver color scheme. The them has turned out , IMHO, ten fold better than my modified Nuke theme.
Screen shot

You can view and download from:

Please test on your site and if any problems occur, document the version of xoops, browser and OS versions.
Once testing is done I shall add some bells and whistles.

All that I ask is that you leave the footer credits intact. If you modify the theme add your credits in the footer.