Modules: WF-Channel v1.00 RC1 released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/10/28 18:03:01 5959 reads
The Xoops Module team are proud to present WF-Channel v1.00 RC1.

WFChannel is a Xoops v2.0.5 module and will not work with any other version of Xoops.

The purpose of this module is to quickly and easily add content to Xoops with minimal effort and time.
WFChannel main purpose is to content such as 'About Us', 'Privacy Statements' and other type of information such as this.

WFChannel also has another feature that will allow you to quickly add a 'link to us' page, you can easily upload the graphics and other information for this page.

Download wfchannel v1.00 RC1