[Request Test] - Release of SmartSection 2.14 Beta !
  • 2008/4/14 13:12

  • giba

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My personal observations:

I think this module is used by a huge number of sites in XOOPS would be important and good conduct tests on the new version. Your feedback is very welcome.

The SmartFactory is very proud to release the new version of its articles management module SmartSection 2.14 Beta !

What's new in version 2.14 Beta?

As usual, many bug fixes but also the addition of a rating system for articles and the possibility to select more than 1 category in the recent articles blocks. The module is also now supporting importing from WF-Section 2.07.

Please read the changelog for more details about the changes of this new release.

Since this is a beta release, The SmartFactory reminds you the module should not be used on a production web site. A Release Candidate and a Final version will follow soon.

What is SmartSection?

SmartSection is an article management module for your XOOPS site. It is intended to provide the best functionalities of the News and WF-Section modules. The administrator would have the opportunity to use the module to manage news, article, tutorials, etc... It is intended to be complete, flexible and yet easy to use.

Where can I get it ?

Carefully read the file upgrade.txt as it contains important informations about the steps that need to be performed in order to successfully upgrade to this version.

As a usual recommendation : The SmartFactory STRONGLY recommends that you take a full backup before INSTALLING or UPDATING any module.

SmartSection ow requires the SmartObject Framework, which you will need to download first. SmartObject is installed as any other modules. You can download it here: SmartObject 1.0 Final.

You can download SmartSection here: SmartSection 2.14 Beta.

The language packs are available here : SmartSection Language packs. We encourage the community to create the different language package needed and submit them on The SmartFactory site.

Help and comments ?

As usual, any comments, bugs or suggestions are welcomed on the SmartSection Community Support Forum.

Enjoy !

Re: [Request Test] - Release of SmartSection 2.14 Beta !
  • 2008/4/14 18:01

  • Anonymous

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Thank you Giba - I will be trying it on my test-site in the next day or two.

Really good module and one of the mainstays of my site.

Re: [Request Test] - Release of SmartSection 2.14 Beta !
  • 2008/4/14 19:15

  • rgauci

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Thanks I have tried it as I use Smartsection a lot.
A good improvement all around.....have not found any bugs yet???!!!!

The only thing that I was expecting from this release is the fact that Smartsection seems to slow down when one starta adding articles (or files) in the database. If you have around 300 to 1000 articles, even going from one page navigation to another can take ages. I went round this by deleting these articles from teh database.Would it be helpful if there would be a kind of archive date like the News module or say an expiry date where the article will disappear after a date set.

The introduction of a feature in the Recent List block where now you could select more than one category is a blessing.

Thanks for everyone who worked hard on this release
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Re: [Request Test] - Release of SmartSection 2.14 Beta !
  • 2008/4/14 22:12

  • Peekay

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If SmartSection uses similar navigation code to 'News' a slow-down may be down to the method of page navigation you choose, as highlighted in that thread.

Or... it maybe due to something completely different.

Always nice to see a new version of SmartSection, but new XOOPS users please take note of the need for the SmartObject Framework.
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