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Posted on: 2012/7/5 16:13
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Adapt xoops for mobile use

I'm glad the Xoops core is stable now and there is progress in getting basic modules stable. Next step, in my opinion, would be making Xoops adapt to mobile platforms. Modules like Xobile are outdated and do not have the features a modern mobile cms plugin should have.

You also have to realize mobile websites do need another type of content, text must be shorter then on a regular website and too much pictures don't work either. It would be nice to adapt the basic xoops content module for mobile content as well. So one article has two versions, a rich one and a sober one adapted for mobile users.

Building a mobile app arround your website would also be nice. Maybe there are existing app building frameworks xoops cab adapt to?

One of the nlxoops members would like newbb/cbb to adapt to Tapatalk. I agree this would be a nice addon to the forum module!

These are just some thoughts, maybe there are allready plans to build features like this in xoops 2.6 ? If not I would like the coreteam to consider, as mobile use of websites is growing day by day!


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Posted on: 2012/7/6 9:21
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Re: Adapt xoops for mobile use

There is always responsive design using CSS media queries, which gives you a mobile site without having to develop a seperate mobile version of a website.

However this means that the same content is served for both mobile and desktop. There is much debate within the web design/dev community about what is better for alrger or more complex sites, a responsive design or a seperate mobile app serving mobile content.

I personally don't see a problem with serving desktop content for mobile as long as it is readable. As you said above more and more people use mobile now and probably don't use desktop/laptop much, maybe one day mobile devices will replace desktops for all but specialist users.

There is many things out there to help create mobile apps, jquery mobile is one.

I think responsive design is a good start for xoops websites, there is at least one theme that I know of that includes media queries.

Until a xoops mobile framework or module is developed (maybe similar to wptouch for wordpress) then I think responsive is the way to go.