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Posted on: 2005/4/4 14:54
Fabhren (Show more)
Just popping in
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FabMenu - Menu Content and Style Creator with group permissions

Hi all,

Just released my menu module after despair over many modules out there. This one presents menu options based on group permissions. You can have a set of options for visitors and others for registered users. You can set more than one group for each option. A block goes along with it.

To top it all, you can put some styles in each option, either using the default (theme style), using a custom class set in your styles css or by filling a style block.

This is based on an old module: Marcel Widmer's myMenu Menu Content Creator. Please check his website ( http://www.coaching-forum.net/ ) and kudos to him for starting a good job.

It's already set to portuguese and english languages. Unfortunately it is not yet able to do multilanguage, but with some minor hacks you can put it there.

To download and test it, follow the link: FabMenu Module

Hope this helps anyone!